Construction of Pack-Houses – High Value Crop and Horticulture Project

In partnership with ESWADE, we have constructed 3 state of the art packhouses that have strategically been placed near boarder gate facilities.  These packhouses are situated in Jabulane near Mahamba boarder gate, Lavumisa near Lavumisa boarder gate and Msahweni near Matsamo boarder.

This is a E30M worth project that was funded by the European Union.  These packhouses will offer cold storage facilities, extension services and business development services.  The purpose for this project is to improve the cold chain management of our local produce by bringing the storage facility closer to the farmer; increase the farmer’s turnaround time; increase the amount of local production; and decrease fresh produce importation and increase the amount of fresh produce export so that the whole nation benefits.

Agricultural Marketing Information System (AMIS) 

In executing our mandate to facilitate markets for local farmers, we have developed a marketing information website for the agriculture sector in the country called the Agricultural Marketing Information System (AMIS).  This platform was created in partnership with ESWADE and the Ministry of Agriculture.  This website provides timely information about the production process and availability of different produce to the different industry players including input suppliers, farmers, marketers and researchers.

The Small and Medium Earth Dams Project (SMEP)

In partnership with ESWADE and the Ministry of Agriculture, we have undertaken a project to construct and rehabilitate small and medium earth dams and provide downstream irrigation infrastructure for the benefit of local farmers.  This project was funded by the European Union, and will be in operation until 2020.

Our role in this project is to provide marketing extension services and create access to markets for 1000 farmers. 

Climate Smart Agriculture Project (CSMA)

In partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, we are conducting the Climate Smart Agriculture Project (CSMA) which is aimed at promoting conservation agriculture and conversion of irrigation systems to water saving / efficient technologies.  This project focuses on two (2) rural schemes called Mavulandlela farmer scheme and Intamakuphila farmer scheme.

The Climate Smart Technology project was funded by the European Union, through the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA)

The 10,000 seedling a year fruit tree project:

We are in a drive to increase the amount of different varieties of fruits produced in the country by both smallholder and large-scale farmers. To achieve this, we are in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture to create awareness on the positive value of fruit tree production. We piloted this project to 100 farmers where we provided them with start-up capital of up to 60 trees per farmer/farmer-scheme. The farmers are also provided with continued extension services from planting up to harvest. Further to this, we will secure markets for the different types of fruit, and undertake the preparation, pre-packing and sale on behalf of the farmers. We were happy to see a surplus production of the Mango fruit in 2019 as it shows that this project is reaping harvest for local farming.