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Baby Veg Processing

Encabeni Staff Processing Baby Vegetables


Encabeni Seedlings being processed


Butternut ready to be transported to the various outlets

Encabeni Markets

Encabeni Market Produce ready for Sale

Newly Opened Msawhweni Pack House

Recently built Pack house at Msawhweni

Msahweni Pack House

Directions to Msahweni

Msahweni Launch

Msahweni Packhousse launch Event by the Min of Agriculture

Msahweni Launch

NAMBOARD CEO stressing a point to the diginitaries

Msahweni Lauch

the decor at the Msahweni Packhouse Launch

Lundzi Youth farmer

Project handover sponsored by MTN,NAMBoard

Minister taking a tour on the Tunnels

Agriculture Minister listening attentively as his showed the newly built facilities

Ludzi Youth Farmers

Ludzi Youth Farmers Posing with Dignitaries during the Project Handover

Farmer Appreciation

Make Khumalo speaking on behalf of the farmers during Msawhweni Lauch