We operate a marketing extension service that forms part of our farmer support and development through Marketing Extension Officers (MEOs).  This service focuses on helping farmers make good economic decisions on the production and marketing of vegetable crop, fruits and other fresh produce.  We operate this service as follows:

  1. Programming Farmers – The MEOs assist farmers to make informed production decisions, prime of which is production according to market requirements, including product specifications, varieties, time of planting and profitability of selected crops
  2. Training – here, farmers are trained on production methodology, pest and disease control, irrigation management, quality assurance, harvesting and post-harvest handling
  3. Information dissemination – MEOs are a conduit for transmitting market related information to farmers. This includes price trends, production innovations, future demand, changes in consumer preferences and further training opportunities.
  4. Linking the markets and farmers – MEOs provide the market with information on production, expected yields and farmer locations. They also provide the farmers with information on when to harvest, collection schedules from Encabeni fresh produce market and follow up on payments due to farmers.

Information Systems made for you

1. NAMBoard APP

Access and edit some of your farming activity data such as planting and harvesting schedules for your produce.

Amazing Information including statistics of produce on AMIS.

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Here we will upload farmer profiles and stories, and link this page with AMIS.Visit the Agricultural Management Information System