Through our marketing facility- Encabeni Fresh Produce Market, we facilitate access to markets for farmers.  This entails linking the various market channel needs and matching farmers’ capability to produce for a basket of markets based on size and agroclimatic conditions.

Encabeni fresh produce market provides a marketing channel for various types of fresh produce, this includes conventional vegetables, baby vegetables, chicken, and in future, other lines as demanded by the market.  To ensure that farmer access to market is improved, the following actions are in place:

  1. Training – As part of ensuring that farmers handle produce properly during and after harvest, we facilitate training of farmers on their farms or at the Encabeni fresh produce market, where we have a fully equipped demonstration plot. These training is meant to ensure that farmers receive good prices for their vegetables as post-harvest handling is as important as production.  This ensures that all produce reaches the consumer in safe and high-quality mode.
  1. Logistic Support – We provide transportation in suitable vehicles from farmers’ fields to Encabeni fresh produce market in appropriate packaging or transit containers. The transport system, consisting of a well-managed fleet of vehicles is coordinated to ensure that produce is as fresh as possible up to the end user.
  1. Quality Assurance – Exceptional quality is the heartbeat of fresh produce profitability, thus quality control at the heart of our business. Strict quality standards are implemented, that includes farmer training and feedback on their produce, as they work towards world class fresh commodities. Our demo is certified to Global GAP and the  Packhouse is certified to HACCP.
  1. Cold Chain Management – This is the backbone of fresh produce value chains, to compete at the world stage, produce should have long product shelf life. We offer the following services as part of cold chain management:
  • Refrigerated Transportation to ensure preservation of shelf life
  • Cold Storage Facilities in various locations within the country
  • Centralised Cold Storage Solutions for marketing and distribution purposes
  • Training on cold chain management