The National Agricultural Marketing Board has seen an exponential growth in the availability of Tomatoes, from local farmers.Following the current over supply we will be limiting the importation of Tomatoes from the 6th September 2021 until further notice. In keeping with practise , retailers are advised to intensify their sourcing from local farmers and consumers are encouraged to increase their intake of this vegetable because of their high nutritional value and health benefits. NAMBoard shall continue to monitor the situation very closely to ensure that limits are reviewed immediately the volumes fall below the set thershold.

The markets are encouraged to visit and all farmers are advised to update their production records on the AMIS website. It is vital that all farmers register and upload information regarding their plantings, forecast harvesting yields and dates. This will assist NAMBoard  with gathering the key evidence needed to limit importation of those crops or animal products which are projected to be in over supply locally. Farmers are encouraged to take full advantage of our marketing extension service by standing in touch with the market market extension officersin their region. Our Market Extension Officers focus on helping farmers make good economic decisions on the production and markerting of their produce. They are a conduit for transmitting market related information to farmers. This includes price trends, production innovations, future demand, changes in consumer preferences and further training opportunities. They also assist farmers to make informed production decisions, prime of which is production according to market requirements, including product specifications, varieties, time of planting and profitability of selected crops.