Press Statement

Statement by Mr. Siphephiso Dlamini, CEO – National Agricultural Marketing Board (NAMBoard)


Manzini, 24 September 2020 – Following the launch of the Agricultural Marketing Information System (AMIS), by the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Honorable MP Jabulani Mabuza, The National Agricultural Marketing Board (NAMBoard) has urged all local agricultural stakeholders to register on the new and improved website which is aimed at supporting farmers with critical market related information for decision making purposes. This new platform will provide key data concerning production processes and the availability of produce, livestock or poultry products to various industry players including buyers, input suppliers, farmers, marketers and researchers.

The AMIS Web Portal can be accessed at

The portal will give buyers an overview of what is available in terms of projected produce. It will also guide farmers on what is already in over supply or in high demand. By subscribing to the AMIS, farmers will be able to forecast their production and notify buyers beforehand of the expected availability of each crop or animal product. Farmers will also have the opportunity to participate in forums where relevant issues surrounding day to day farming processes are discussed, allowing them a chance to interact with critical facts and figures specifically suited to improving their short, medium and long-term decision making.

We have seen exponential growth in vegetable farming locally. It is imperative that farmers scrutinize in detail, the AMIS before making a decision to offer particular produce, in order to increase their chances of successfully selling what they have produced.



It is vital that all farmers register and upload information regarding plantings, forecast harvesting yields, dates. This will assist NAMBoard with gathering the key evidence needed to control importation of those crops or animal products which are projected to be in over-supply locally.

It is intended that the AMIS becomes a hub for all important information concerning agribusiness in Eswatini. The system is hosted by NAMBoard on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, and is supported by other stakeholders who contribute to maintaining its statistical integrity for farmers. The aim is to have both national and international market trends available for viewing by all those who register. Besides farmers, the portal is open to students, researchers, retailers, resellers and the like.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the way we do business. Using the intelligence offered by online platforms is becoming a norm in day-to-day decision making in any industry. If correctly utilized by farmers and other users, the AMIS is expected to add undeniable value to Eswatini’s agricultural landscape, bringing under one umbrella all intelligence relating to the demand and supply of fresh produce and animal products.

NAMBoard is committed to playing her part in providing emaSwati with quality produce and connecting farmers with viable markets for their goods both locally and internationally. Although COVID-19 has had a considerable impact on our economy and on NAMBoard’s operations, we remain committed to working together with importers, exporters, farmers as well as producers of agricultural products in the country.