The Government of Swaziland, through the Ministry of Agriculture has identified seven key vegetables that are main as critical in response to food security during the COVID-19 disaster period. These are; green Cabbage, spinach, carrots, green pepper, tomato, onion,

NAMBoard has been mobilize to coordinate the production and marketing of all these products. a market led growing program shall be prepared where over 400 hectares of land is expected to be committed by farmers into the production of these commodity lines for the next six months. Farmers are edged to note the planning program that has been developed to ensure they produce in clusters for ease of collection and distribution

In ensuring that farmers are able to fit into the planting program that has been scheduled, nurseries have been asked to increase production of seedlings for these response vegetables that have been prioritized. Lack of farm inputs by farmers has been identified as the main deterrent to farmers going into production

As a means of making farm inputs easily available to farmers, a revolving fund is essential for farmers to access whatever is needed.


The overall objective of the revolving fund is to ensure food security by availing farm inputs to 300 farmers to stimulate vegetable production on 450ha to produce 2000MT over the next six months period.

The revolving fund aims to: (i) provide quick financial assistance to the qualifying farmers in the form of inputs. (ii) To shorten the payment period of farmers to 14 days, this will enable farmers to return to production cycle within 30 days of harvest.


Farmer shall follow the following process:

(i) Farmers apply for assistance through the NAMBoard’s Market Extension Officers (MEOs) using the NAMBoard Credit Application forms. (ii) Application is sent to Application Evaluation Committee, evaluation completed within 2 days (iii) Day 3, approved application sent to CEO for final approval (iv) Day 5, Farmer is notified of outcome (v) Farmer arrange for collection of inputs


A. Evaluation Committee

There will be an evaluation committee that will evaluate and recommend farmer request for approval by CEO. The committee comprises of the following

(i) Development Officer – NAMBoard (ii) Market extension officer (iii) Business unit accountant

NAMBoard’s extension Officers and MOA Extension Officers will receive requests and do initial screening for qualification. The qualifying farmers will be forwarded to the Evaluation Committee for approval.

B. Evaluation criteria

The Evaluation committee will use these indicators when evaluating each

(i) Smallholder Farmer given preference– the farmer must have a capacity or land hold of at least 1ha or more

(ii) Have a market contract, off-take agreement or proof of previous selling to major retailers or NAMBoard

(iii) Evidence of farming practice experience, already practicing farmers will be given priority. NAMBoard’s Marketing Extension Officers will do on site verification.

(iv) If novice farmer, must prove readiness to produce and supply markets – must own or have leased to him/her a minimum of 1ha land portion, have access to sufficient water, and the land must be fenced.

(v) Farmers with offtake agreement with NAMBoard preferred. Revolving fund will be used to pay 70% of farmer produce within 14 days.

C. Cessation form

All farmers benefiting from the fund signs cessions authorizing NAMBoard to deduct all monies as agreed from their future proceeds until such time that all advances are recovered


A. Inputs package advanced by the Revolving Fund

A farm input package will be advanced to farmers. Below is a breakdown of the package.

(i) Seeds/Seedlings. Only restricted to Cabbage, Spinach, Green pepper, Tomato, Carrots, Onion. (ii) 3 bags of fertilizer (2 x 50kg Fertilizer (2:3:2(37) and LAN) (iii) Bio-stimulants/Herbicides (1L Cypermethrin and Bravo 500ml)

B. Repayment modalities

(i) deductions from farmers produces, if produce sold through NAMBoard. This will be 100% on initial payment due to farmer. (ii) direct payments by farmers after 150 days of advance, that is, if they are selling to other markets

C. Profiling and Tracking of farmer and produce

(i) Farmers will fill up profile FSRF 01 (ii) GPS reference of the farmer’s field will be taken for traceability (iii) Cessation authority will be signed over to NAMBoard by farmer endorsing his/her signature on FSRF02


(i) 3 years farming experience. This will reduce the chances of crop failure (ii) Sufficient land and capacity to produce at least 1ha. Successful farmers must have the capacity to upscale the inputs advanced to cover at least 1ha. (iii) Contract with NAMBoard greatly reduces risk of payment defaultes. (iv) Proven record of sales to retailers or NAMBoard

For more details please visit our website or our market portal

Farmers are required to contact the Task Team for application forms and queries.
Call: +268 2518 6040 (Encabeni Market)
National Coordinator: Gcina Ginindza – 76170531 / 79278301
Sifiso Dlamini – 76293075 / 79278307
Bandile Mavuso – 76748328 / 79278319

For quick reference please contact our regional officers who are working with RDAs

Shiselweni Region:

David Mdluli – 76279956 / 79278320
Sandile Mkhonta – 76124143 / 79278310

Hhohho Region:

Sipho Dlamini – 76805705 / 79278309
Ntfombiyenkhosi Kunene – 76471533 / 79278323

Manzini Region:

Sifiso Dlamini – 76293075 / 79278307
Thabile Tsabedze – 76316487 / 79278322

Lubombo Region:

Siphiwo Sikhondze – 76805707 /79278308

Ncamiso Zulu – 76684302 / 79278311