The National Agricultural Marketing Board (NAMBoard) has affirmed that the country has yielded the highest level of butternut produce in the year 2018/2019.
This pronouncement follows a national surveillance that the board conducted to determine how much vegetables currently in season, had local farmers produced. Through this surveillance, the Board ascertained that over 200 tonnes of butternut worth over E1 million had been produced this season.
NAMBoard Communications Officer Thandwayinkosi Dlamini elaborated that “over the past 3-4 years, our average production of butternut has been approximately 90 tonnes per year, it is exciting to see local production levels increase in such a manner.” She further mentioned that this yield is attributed to favourable weather conditions that the nation has been experiencing.
NAMBoard has applauded all local retailers and markets who continue to support locally grown fresh produce. They also urged all buyers to support this product line as this will greatly benefit the country’s economy.
Two weeks ago, NAMBoard announced the surplus in the production of the mango fruit. Such reports portray a positive contribution that the agri-business sector has on the local economy. “Investing much capital towards local agricultural production will greatly empower and expand this value-chain. It is therefore crucial that our nation supports locally produced agric-products as this will ultimately benefit our nation’s economy”, Dlamini elaborated.
The organisation has guaranteed to seek more markets through their existing export alliances so to ensure that no farmer is left with unsold produce. For this process to be fast-tracked, NAMBoard continues to encourage local farmers to register on the Agricultural Marketing and Information System as this helps the organisation to make a better focus for product estimates and market initiatives.